About the Owner

Gwynnae ByrdEvery time I step into a business – whether it’s a restaurant, a bank, an office, or another type of service-provider – I notice things. I notice whether the other customers are happy or annoyed. I notice whether employees are friendly and handling their tasks competently.  I notice whether there’s an air of efficiency or chaos.

And then I wonder – I wonder if the owners of these businesses have ever noticed these same things. I wonder if they are aware of how the answers to these ponderings could dramatically affect the success of their businesses.

I wonder if, given today’s slow economy, owners of these businesses might be interested in knowing how to maintain their customers and attract new ones.

Designing a workplace environment that is both customer and employee-friendly will inevitably result in higher revenues. And after all, isn’t that ultimately why business owners are in business?

I created Good 4 Business with this in mind. Good 4 Business is a hands-on consulting firm that will transform your business from merely functioning to thriving.

I bring over 2 decades of professional experience to this business. I was an attorney for over 16 years, and worked in state government – a notoriously inefficient workplace. I have been a board member of several non-profit organizations. In 2007, started my own business as a professional home organizer. (Click HERE if you’d like to learn more about getting your home organized.) My life’s work has been dedicated to helping people solve problems. I have helped clients simplify their lives – to reduce clutter, reduce stress, save time, and save money. As an attorney and a home organizer, I acquired and refined these skills:

  • the ability to see patterns that can help or hinder a situation
  • the development of systems to help streamline workflow
  • the patience to listen, and then develop a plan consistent with their stated objectives
  • the persistence to hold clients accountable to those objectives
  • the ability to consider multiple sources of input and develop a plan to satisfy all concerns

I now combine these skills to offer to businesses a means of boosting profits, employee morale, and customer satisfaction.

~ Gwynnae Byrd


Let Good 4 Business help your business to MAXIMIZEENERGIZETHRIVE